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Success Stories

HNN 3.0 has interviewed coordinators and partners of outstanding Horizon Health projects that have a high potential when it comes to impact. Have a look at the interviews below.
If you are also part of an exciting and impactful Horizon Health project and would like to share your story with us, please get in touch with us.

Published - 07 February 2024

Armoring multifunctional T cells for cancer therapy (ARMOR-T)

"ARMOR-T tests new therapeutic cells against different forms of solid cancer."

An analytics framework for integrated and personalized healthcare services in Europe screening (AEGLE)

"Big Data analytics for health bio-data present excellent opportunities and encounter big challenges. The AEGLE project, following a unique user-oriented approach, overcame these difficulties and generated value from healthcare data through the development of a framework for Big Data analytics that aims to improve translational medicine, to facilitate personalised and integrated care services, and to promote data-driven research across Europe, by allowing integration with data of different types and scales, and creating advanced analytics pipeline."

Published - 30 January 2024

Published - 21 December 2023

Leveraging AI based technology to transform the future of health care delivery in Leading Hospitals in Europe (RISCC) screening

"The EU-funded ODIN project, in response to the challenges faced by European hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to address 11 key hospital care challenges by integrating robotics, IoT, and AI. This initiative focuses on easing the burden on hospital staff through the use of autonomous and collaborative robots, offering various assistance services ranging from clinical to logistical. The project's main objective is to promote data-driven procedures and management in healthcare."

Smart Living Homes - Whole Interventions Demonstrator for People at Health and Social Risks

"The EU's GATEKEEPER project aims to aid the aging population's independent living by linking healthcare providers, businesses, and communities, focusing on collaboration and data protection. Involving 40,000 elderly citizens and stakeholders across 7 EU member states, it seeks to foster innovative solutions for healthier, independent lives."

Published - 21 December 2023

Published - 08 December 2023

Decision support for prediction and management of Long Covid Syndrome (LCS)

"The Long COVID project, coordinated by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), aims to understand the mechanisms of LCS by combining frontline expertise from the fields of clinical medicine, virology, metabolism, and immunology."

Risk-based strategy for cervical cancer (RISCC) screening

"RISCC project results will provide evidence for policy makers to take decisions on cervical cancer screening in the EU Member States. The RISCC consortium has established close connection with patient organizations and policy makers. The project will gather evidence on risk factors of cervical precancer and on the use of testing with self-sampling kits. This will help to reduce the volume of redundant screening. The main impact will be implementation of state-of-the-art and cost-efficient cervical cancer screening."

Published - 07 December 2023