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Cluster 1 Health

In Horizon Europe, the health cluster is jointly designed by the Directorates-General "Research and Innovation", "Health and Food Safety", "Communications, Network Contents and Technology” and “Health Emergency Response Authority”. A wide range of diseases will be addressed: infectious diseases, including poverty-related and neglected diseases, and noncommunicable diseases, including rare diseases. Research and development on understanding health and diseases, prevention, diagnostics, therapies, health systems and new technologies are funded.
Strong international cooperation is very important, for example for the use of relevant infrastructures, but also for better preparation of the health systems in order to react quickly and effectively to health emergencies such as epidemics.

The health cluster promotes research and innovation activities in six areas of intervention. The aspects of "digitization" and "personalization of health and care" are addressed across all six areas.

Cluster 1 "Health" includes the following six "areas of intervention":