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HNN 3.0 services


Besides collaborations within Horizon Europe, collaborations with other EU programmes relevant to the Health Cluster, such as EU4Health, the Enterprise Europe Network and HERA are being established.


Toolkits are being designed for the needs of CL1 NCPs and will provide a great foundation for any health NCP to increase their skills and know-how and for applicants to improve their understanding of the application and partner search processes. The toolkits will consist of, for example, templates, factsheets and online tutorials and will be accessible through the HNN3.0 website.

Capacity building for NCPs


Staff Exchange

Through Staff Exchange, less-experienced NCPs can learn how other NCPs communicate with their clients and support their scientific communities in the Health calls for proposals. Relatively new NCPs can learn on-site how the office of a counterpart works, thus promoting the exchange of good practices and experience and helping newcomers to overcome any barriers they may face.

Mentoring Programmes


Success Stories

A biennial catalogue of Success Stories will be compiled of the most impactful projects mapped out through interviews with project coordinators, factsheets, pills and innovative communication products that can be exploited and disseminated throughout HNN3.0 events.