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HERA Conference 2023


Brussels, BelgiumĀ (Hybrid)

Is the EU better prepared?
Recent health emergencies, notably the COVID-19 pandemic, have unquestionably highlighted the urgent need for enhanced preparedness measures. They have underscored the importance of being better equipped to respond to similar challenges in the future, exposing the necessity for preventative actions and strategic planning. In light of this, the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) will dedicate its second annual conference to exploring the current state of health preparedness, with a focus on cross-border health threats. This will be an opportunity to take stock of the progress made, and discuss possible avenues for improved collective preparedness.

By bringing together stakeholders from industry, academia, civil society, national, local, and regional authorities, as well as international organisations and partner countries, the HERA 2023 conference aims to ignite reflections on the topics of resilient supply of medical countermeasures, research and innovation for better preparedness, global epidemic intelligence, and the correlation between climate change and infectious outbreaks.